Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update for November

Ok so lets see if I can update this to today's date. We have been severely busy with life these days. Its like were has all the time gone. Well since I last posted in October we had Halloween with our friends which was amazing watching the kids get candy and of course my favorite part is digging through it and getting what I like out.. he he. Anyhow, Uriah is growing up so fast. He's making friends and interacting as he should. The month of November went by too fast. We visited the Philippines for the first time. We had a blast on our vacation. We started out in Makati City and saw everything that was in that area.. Mall of Asia, Greenhills Mall (largest flee market I've ever seen). We celebrated Thanksgiving at a small restaurant. We also went to the sea life park along with Rizal park. We took a day trip to Corrigador Island which was gorgeous. We were able to get a history lesson in about world war II and toured a huge tunnel where the Japanese barricaded and blew themselves up with grenades. After along day we grabbed some grub and went to our amazing hotel. We also went to Tagati city which is were Taal Volcano is located and had an amazing lunch on pretty much a cliff. I'm deathly afraid of heights so it took me a minute to actually agree to eat in the hut that oversaw Taal Volcano and the Bay area. It was an amazing view. On Friday we took a mini vacation to another island known as Boraki. We then flew to Boraki which is a small island south of Manila. It was beautiful and most importantly we were able to see another country, culture, and enjoy each other. While we were in Boraki we flew into a small island then had to get on a boat that looked like a cataran but not as sturdy. I thought we were going to drown for sure. We made it to the island of Boraki and we had tons of help with our luggage as people looked us like we were crazy for having 3 suit cases and 2 backpacks. Anyhow transportation is a little different instead of taxi cabs they have three wheel tracks which is a motor cycle with a side cart with a front seat that fits two people and then the back where you can fit 4 people and luggage on top. So we take off in this track and we drive about 10 minutes to what we thought was our hotel. We get off and our "designated tour guide" some guy that randomly wanted to show us our hotel. So we get out and he tells us its a 5 minute walk. We thought for sure we were going to be killed. 300 yards later we walk up to our hotel that's on the beach. We walk in the doors and they reek of paint fumes. Mind you we bought a all inclusive package for a hotel we are showed our room that oversees the ocean gorgeous and its an ultimately an apartment. So I told Jeff we couldn't stay there and we walked up and down the strip found a new place to stay and on top of that we were haggled by the street hagglers and it waw quite the site to see.. Anyhow, we move rooms which is about a mile walk and a 3 minute track but we had to move all of our stuff. Needless to say it was interesting. We we went on a private boat tour which did island hopping. so we were able to see a few of the surrounding islands and go snorkling. My favorite part was the blowholes and really just getting the family time. We also do ziplining which is highly recommended from me some one scared of heights. We did buggy cars that was fun we got to see all the tallest point on the island and their small zoo along with numerous beaches. We came home at the end of November just in time for me to have my LEEP procedure done. Nothing came back cancerous but I will have to continue to go every 6 months for a papsmear. We also will be high risk during the next pregnancy because of the procedure. We aren't trying for any babies until I'm don with school which should be Decemberish but I will walk next May. I am super excited to be going to school and I feel accomplished if that makes any sense. I'll be the first of the kids to finish college and I just really want to beat the generation curses. Anyhow that was the month over November it came and went so fast.

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